The electrical control panel, or "breaker box," is the heart and mind of your home’s entire electrical system - similar to a human central nervous system. This panel connects to the power lines from the utility company and delivers the current to all of the different circuits running throughout your house. In addition, the panel is your home's primary safety control system - the circuit breakers  are housed in the control panel and protect your home from overloads and other hazards.

While the control panel is simple in nature, is can be compromised by a variety of problems - from weather and sunlight, faulty installation or obsolescence.  All problems with your control panel should be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified electrician.  Your home's central nervous system should not be left to an unskilled handyman.

Some common problems:

  • Damaged cables - the cables running from the power pole to the structural mount on your home are the responsibility of the utility company.  But the cable grouping between the mount and and the panel is the homeowner's responsibility.  Problems here may include worn or damaged insulation, loose cables or non-existent clamps or anchors. 
  • Excess Moisture - Water and electricity simply don't mix and can be quite deadly.  A water link or draining problems can bring water near (or into) your panel. if this occurs, stay away from the panel and call a professional immediately.  Evidence of water or moisture inside the panel may exhibit as rust stains or chalky, white corrosion.
  • Improper Wiring - Faulty or careless installation can cause many problems that should be repaired by a qualified electrician. Over-sized breakers, doubled-up circuits or a single-pole breaker and wires crisscrossing over the panels center can all pose serious risks and should be remedied by a qualified electrician.
  • Poor Manufacturing - a few electrical equipment manufacturers like Federal Pacific Electric company produced faulty breakers that can pose serious risk to your home.
  • Under-powered or Over-crowded Panel - Every control panel has a finite amount of space for breakers and a maximum power rating. Due to remodel, new appliances or just an older panel, you may need to upgrade to a larger panel. 


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