Phone and Cable TV, Satellite and Man Cave Wiring

If you are building a new home, remodeling or turning an unused room into a man cave and plan on a home theater or other high-end electronics, you'll need proper wiring to support them to their fullest capabilities. A media room needs modern wiring. To get the most out of today's electronics, Category 5 (Cat-5) twisted-pair wire for voice and data transmissions and RG6 quad-shielded coaxial cable for video are recommended.  Though more expensive than traditional wiring, these conductors are better able to handle the demands of high-speed transmissions -- resulting in less interference and clearer reception.

An integrated home network consolidates all your wiring. Instead of many separate wires (for power, telephone, cable or satellite TV, computer, and so on) all daisy-chained through your walls, a network puts everything you need in a single, central hub. Wire then runs directly from this hub to each room, where modular outlets provide access to services.

AMPs technicians enjoy our data cable wiring work and it shows! From start to finish, our Dallas area data cable wiring electrical contractors work with you, the homeowner, every step of the way. Our goal to ensure that your project is completed just the way you expect it. We strive for excellent service - on time and at an affordable price.

Home Safety Check

Does your home need an Electrical Safety Check? 

If your home is more than 8 years old, then your home is due for a safety checkup. More fire damage is caused in homes each year by faulty wiring and negligence than any other source and several safety guidelines and codes have been enacted over the last several years that affect the safety of your home. A detailed A detailed written checklist will be filled out and given to you on site.  Our electrical safety checkup includes any areas that need immediate attention, recommendations for improvements and potential upgrade possibilities for your home.

Areas inspected:

  • Main Electrical Panel
  • Secondary Electrical Panel(s)
  • Meter Box & Main Service Cabling
  • Attic & Crawl Space
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Furnace & A/C Wiring
  • Miscellaneous Safety Concerns

Generator Installation

Stand-by power isn't just for hospitals, businesses or places where sustained power is critical. New technology and lower prices have made back-up generators for the home an attractive investment for today's homeowners.

In the Dallas area, sudden storms can knock out power, tornadoes can cut a wide swath through neighborhoods interrupting power and heat waves in the summer can lead to rolling blackouts and stressed power grids. The Dallas metroplex continues to grow and tax the already strained power grid servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth area,

Now you can enjoy complete peace of mind with a stand-by generator. Imagine not worrying about these things if the power goes out – even if you’re not at home:

  • Home Security
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Computers and Entertainment Centers
  • Appliances

Every home generator needs are different. That’s why we have highly trained and experienced sales people. They’ll work with you to decide on a system that fits your needs and your budget. And you can always depend on AMPs for sound advice and excellent service before the sale, during the installation and in maintaining your unit well into the future.

Remodel Wiring

Remodeling an existing home presents new challenges for your electrical system. Wet areas (rooms with plumbing), wall removals and demolition can present a host of issues to be considered.  Nearly every home renovation is likely to involve electrical wiring or new wiring of some sort. Before you take a sledge hammer to a wall, consider what is behind the wall and the costly damage that could incur.

You may be considering remodeling your kitchen and moving cabinets or appliances for a better flow. These movements also require the movement of outlets and wiring for those outlets. You'll also need to consider your electrical system is upgraded to meet the demands of your new space.

  • A qualified licensed electrical contractor should be consulted prior to any home renovation. Consider these disastrous outcomes that could occur if this step is missed:
  • Appropriate permits aren't' pulled and your renovation fails inspection - leading to costly repairs, delays or even steep fines.
  • Your house burns down due to faulty wiring - causing property destruction or even death
  • Your insurance company refuse to provide coverage because the work was not performed by a qualified, licensed electrician

Protect yourself and your family by insisting that a licensed Dallas electrician from AMPs in a part of your next home renovation.


Smoke Detector Installation

Most homes have at least one smoke detector (or smoke alarms). These small devices are one of the most important safety devices in your home. If your home has well-maintained smoke detectors, the chances of your family surviving a house fire are greatly increased. Between 2003-2006, 66% of fatalities due to house fires occurred in homes without working smoke detectors (National Fire Protection Association). However, many times they are not located properly or not working due to lack of maintenance - offering no protection for your family.

Your family will have maximum protection if:

  1. Your smoke detectors are properly located
  2. You replace any batteries at least annually. This includes 9 volt batteries in regular
    battery-powered detectors and back-up batteries for detectors wired into your electrical system.
  3. You replace the entire smoke detector every 8-10 years (or in the case of long-life lithium batteries, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions).
  4. If a member of your family is hearing-impaired, your home should have special detectors which shine lights or vibrate when they detect smoke.

Smoke Detector Positioning

In general, it’s recommended that you have a smoke detector:

  • At each level of your home
  • In each bedroom
  • Within 10-15 feet of the door to each bedroom

An AMPs technician can help you plan the best position for your smoke detectors and install them for you.