Residential Electrical Services


Most homes have at least one smoke detector (or smoke alarms). These small devices are one of the most important safety devices in your home. If your home has well-maintained smoke detectors, the chances of your family surviving a house fire are greatly increased. Between 2003-2006, 66% of fatalities due to house fires occurred in homes without working smoke detectors (National Fire Protection Association). However, many times they are not located properly or not working due to lack of maintenance - offering no protection for your family.

Your family will have maximum protection if:

  1. Your smoke detectors are properly located
  2. You replace any batteries at least annually. This includes 9 volt batteries in regular
    battery-powered detectors and back-up batteries for detectors wired into your electrical system.
  3. You replace the entire smoke detector every 8-10 years (or in the case of long-life lithium batteries, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions).
  4. If a member of your family is hearing-impaired, your home should have special detectors which shine lights or vibrate when they detect smoke.

Smoke Detector Positioning

In general, it’s recommended that you have a smoke detector:

  • At each level of your home
  • In each bedroom
  • Within 10-15 feet of the door to each bedroom

An AMPs technician can help you plan the best position for your smoke detectors and install them for you.