Residential Electrical Services


We've all had those inconvenient moments when the lights go out, an outlet doesn't work or a switch won't turn the lights back on - all for no apparent reason. Whatever type of electrical problem you are experiencing, we can troubleshoot the problem and complete the repair.

If you are having any type of electrical problem, you should have it checked and repaired. Many electrical problems are found to be caused by problems that can also pose a fire hazard. Rather than suffer ongoing inconveniences or worrying over what is wrong, simply call us for fast electrical help.

While we're repairing your main problem, let us know if you need any other electrical work!

Common Electrical Problems & Repairs

  • Circuit Breaker Tripping
  • Faulty Outlets or Switches
  • CO2 or Smoke Detectors
  • Loose or Damaged Wiring
  • Doorbells & Buzzers
  • Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes
  • Upgrading Switches, Outlets & Cover Plates (new colors)

The source of electrical problems in a home can be for any number of reasons. Sometimes it's an overloaded circuit, worn out circuitry, or a tripped breaker. Other times it may be a serious matter such as a short circuit caused by exposed wires, loose wiring or faulty wiring done by an unskilled handyman. Our professional electricians have the training, experience and tools to diagnose any electrical problem, and complete a professional repair.