When the power is flowing, business is running. Manufacturing lines are producing product, sales teams are making calls and the accountants are crunching numbers. But when the power goes out, business comes to a screeching halt...and with that halt comes a stop to revenue. Storms, natural disasters, man-made threats, rolling blackouts and electrical storms are very real threats to businesses today.

Backup generators can keep an entire office working or simply maintain essential functions. AMPs Electrical specializes in the design, installation and 24-hour service of quality backup generator systems and can install the right system for your business's continual power needs. Understanding your power demands and providing an affordable solution is the cornerstone of our business.

AMPS can install Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane generators - whichever is the right backup generator system for your unique power needs. On the grid, or off, AMPs can provide the reliable backup power you need when called upon.

Commercial Services

  • Data Wiring Cabling +

    AMPs understands that business throughout Dallas, Texas are experiencing an ever growing need for professionals that understand communication and data Read More
  • Specialty Lighting +

    AMPs can create a custom lighting solution for your business -- from interior task lighting to landscape security lighting, an AMPs Read More
  • Dedicated Computer Circuitry +

    Computer outages can slow productivity and cause expensive damages to your office equipment investments. AMPs can install dedicated computer circuits Read More
  • Building Additions and Remodels +

    A building is more than brick and steel. The electrical system is the heart and soul of a building. Without Read More
  • Parking Lot Light Installation & Maintenance +

    Without proper lighting, parking lots can be dangerous places. Lights illuminate the lot and provide security. From small retail strip Read More
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